SC2 Liberty Campaign

Liberty Campaign

Total (1590 points) Medals (250/500/1000 points)

Each mission offers a total of three achievements that can be earned in any order. There is an achievement (named after the mission) for completing all mission objectives. The second achievement is a mission-specific objective which must be completed on at least normal difficulty. The third achievement is a separate mission-specific objective which must be completed on at least hard difficulty. Achievements can be earned on subsequent play-throughs of a level.

There are also achievements for tasks to be completed while not completing a mission. Many of them involve upgrading, completing research, or talking to NPCs.

Tips and tricks: If you’re playing offline, or if the service suddenly goes down, you can save your game just before you meet the prerequisites for an achievement. Later, when you’re connected to, you can load that save and you will get the achievements. However, unconfirmed reports say that this does not work for all achievements, or possibly any at all, after a certain patch. The ones most susceptible for not working are the ones which span over an extended period of time, as opposed to ones who are triggered by a single event.

Moreover, for the achievements requiring you to buy all contracts or get all upgrades, these can easily be done by saving up a huge amount of money, then save your game and pool all of your money into one branch, gaining the achievement. You can then load your game and pool all your money into another branch and gain the other achievements.