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    Multiplayer Changes to Expect in Heart of the Swarm 

    Holding a Multiplayer Panel at Blizzcon earlier today, some of the key members of the StarCraft II development team discussed the manner in which StarCraft play (primarily, though not only, competitive) has changed and developed throughout the course of Wings of Liberty – and how it may change yet come Heart of the Swarm.
    Being an expansion, Heart of the Swarm seems as though it will allow for more significant changes to the gameplay than would seem reasonably practical through patches – allowing for the addition (or removal) of certain units, and the ability to significantly change the dynamics between and within certain matchups, all while keeping the notions of balance firmly in mind. Furthermore, the panelists went on mention that so, too, may the modifications that accompany Heart of the Swarm also allow the developers to make up for certain “missed opportunities” with regard to some units, or their respective races.
    As such, here are some of the proposed changes and additions, organized by race, for reader convenience:

    Hellion – the addition of a “battle mode”, which allows it to transform much in the way a Viking does. This will offer additional hit-points and a stronger attack, with a shorter, wider firing arc. In this mode, however, Hellions will not be as mobile. This modification to the Hellions seems intended to help the late-game Terran presence, with difficulty holding off against massed Protoss Zealots in the late game being highlighted as a reason for this change.

    Warhound – a “smaller, more nimble” version of the Thor unit. It boasts an anti-mech ground weapon which seems to excel at breaking defense lines (such as those set about by Terran Siege Tanks), and also possesses an anti-air attack with generates splash damage as well. Issues regarding the Thor’s mobility and ‘clumsiness’ had apparently led to this change.

    Shredder – seemingly a new unit, described as a robot which “emits channeled, area-of-effect damage when immobilized”. This passive attack will automatically shut off when an ally moves into its attack radius (and, presumably, do the opposite when any friendly units are clear). This unit will effectively allow Terrans a degree of ‘zone-control’ in the battlefield, though it would not be used effectively in proximity to one’s own main armies. This is one unit that is, as of now, described as rather work-in-progress.

    Thor – with the planned implementation of the Warhound unit, the Thor itself has been re-purposed as a late-game unit, with more hit-points and a more powerful attack. In turn, like the Protoss Mothership, there will be a limit of one active Thor at a time, for any given player (not unlike what some had thought of the original Thor concept, before the release of Wings of Liberty).

    Reaper – the unit has gained the ability to regenerate health when out of battle, yet will lose its anti-structure attack.

    Battlecruiser – a speed-boosting ability is to be implemented, which will be cooldown-based (as opposed to energy-based, like the Yamanto Cannon ability).

    Ultralisk – now to include a new ‘burrow charge’ ability, which allows it to dive underground, and resurface a short distance away (likely in the direction of the target it is charging).

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    Watch the ‘StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm’ Opening Scene 

    Watch the ‘StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm’ Opening Scene

    Blizzard released the opening cinematic to StarCraft II’s upcoming expansion Heart of the Swarm Tuesday morning. The expansion brings new units to the competitive real-time stra…

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    Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm public beta ends March 1 

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    ‘StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm’ ESET Masters tournament begins in UK – Digital Spy

    A StarCraft tournament kicks off in the UK tonight (February 11) as part of season one of the ESET UK Masters.
    The UK e-sports tournament, which airs at 7.30pm on , offers fans a chance to compete for a prize pool of £10,000.
    The grand final will be held at UK gaming festival Insomnia48 between March 22 and 25 in Telford. Additional qualifiers will take place later this month, as well as during the first day of I48, dubbed the “Bring Your Own Computer” round.
    The tournament will also see the debut of StarCraft II expansion Heart of the Swarm, which will be used for the duration of the first season.
    Challengers include British World Championship Nick ‘Ziktomini’ Copello, South Korean Woo ‘Sage’ Kyung Chul, and Swedish player Stefan ‘MorroW’ Andersson.
    “On a global scale, e-sports are now more popular than cable television, with millions tuning in to tournaments all over the world,” explained ESET’s Quinton Watts.
    “I’m thrilled that we’re now able to bring this phenomenon to the UK, to provide UK competitive gamers with a chance to compete, win prizes and thrill the masses. This is the beginning of something special.”
    is the second of three installments and follows on from .
    Blizzard confirmed that the expansion will feature a host of new units and additional gameplay mechanics. Players will have the option to choose between subspecies of Zerg units and customise their powers through the swarm adaptation feature.
    will be available on the PC on March 12.
    Watch the multiplayer trailer below:

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    More on Heart of the Swarm Unit Changes 

    Following up on the previous entry on this topic, IGN posted an article further detailing the unit changes to be expected in Heart of the Swarm. In addition to providing clarifying details regarding some of the units, it also includes videos, live from the event.
    See below, for one such video, featuring a presentation of the Zerg Viper unit.

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